Online Gamers ADSL * Special *
This is a low cost service designed for Console gamers (xBox,PS2) and PC gamers who require a fast broadband connection to the internet. This service is specifically designed for online gamers who use more data after business hours, and offers excellent contention ratio's.
Setup Fee Excess Data
256/64 500Mb 7am - 7pm
3.5Gb 7pm - 7am
$69.95 $99.00 14 cents/Mb
512/128 500Mb 7am - 7pm
3.5Gb 7pm - 7am
Note: Service pricing outside of the Sydney Metropolitan area may vary to those quoted, please contact us for pricing.

All Gamer accounts include:
  • IP Address
  • Email account
  • Unlimited users
Important Notes
Connection requires an ADSL modem or router (pricing below).
Monthly usage allowance (Mb and Gb) is combined upload and download data transfer.
Payment of account is either Credit Card billed monthly or Invoice to approved customers.
Service is subject to conditions of use and our acceptable use policy.
Disconnection within first 6 months is subject to fee (see below).
Services may not be available in some areas.

Options and Equipment
ADSL Modem $P.O.A.
ADSL Modem/Router $P.O.A.
ADSL Modem/Router with 4 port switch $P.O.A.
Wireless Modem/Routers available $P.O.A.
Line Filter (required for equipment on the same line) $25.00
Upgrade or Downgrade of Connection speed $50.00
Disconnection Fee (if disconnected within first 6 months) $50.00
Onsite Installation $148.00 / hour
Email virus scanning $5.50 / address / per month