SSL Certificates

Preferred Internet Provider is an official Thawte reseller.

We can offer you all server certificates available from Thawte,
- SSL123 128bit Certificates SSL123 certificates are domain validated only and does not display any authenticated company information. SSL123 certificates are therefore more suited to securing a company's extranet rather than an online store. - SSL 128bit Web Server Certificates The Web Server certificate is browser dependent in terms of encryption and will connect at the client browser's encryption strength. If a client is therefore using 128-bit enabled browser, the certificate will invoke a 128-bit session. If not the certificate will automatically step down in order to facilitate a connection at 40/56-bit. - SGC 128bit SuperCert Certificates SGC SuperCert certificates have step-up functionality whereby they can increase encryption levels from 40/56-bit to full 128-bit. Therefore the SGC certificate provides the best encryption available for each site visitor regardless of which browser or operating system is being used.