Global Roaming Internet Connectivity

iPass offers users the ability for Internet access from almost any country. 

With the iPass software installed all you need to do is select the connection   
type you want, the country and town that you are in and you are connected.

iPass is enabled to all PIP subscribers.

Click here to download the iPass client.

iPass Pricing:
ZonePrice / hour
Aisa Pacific 1$13.20
North America$5.28
Western Europe$13.20
Latin America 1$17.16
Local Call Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific 2, Latin America 2$19.80
Local Call MEA / Rest of World / Non-North America Toll-Free$29.04
North America Toll-Free$26.40
Japan Toll-Free$14.30
Toll-Free Aisa Pac 1 (outside Japan), Western Europe$29.04
Toll-Free Latin Am, EU2/AP2/LA2,MEA/ROW$39.06