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PIP Email Virus Scanning Application

As you are aware with the exponential rise in the amount of business done over the Internet it has lead to the advent of an extremely reliable medium for which to pass computer viruses.

We are fully aware of the risks that this can have on both your business and the smooth operation of your machines so we have put a program into place where we can scan and clean all your incoming and outgoing mail off site.

This is turn protects you from known computer and macro viruses and at the same time gives you peace of mind that the Email that you send to your clients is clean.

The price for the above is $5.50 / month per user for larger sites please call.

To register for this program, please complete the following and fax it back.



Preferred Internet Provider will scan all outgoing and incoming Emails to the best of its ability. The scanning software will be kept up to date on a regular basis for all the latest system and macro viruses, this is not however a guarantee that all viruses can be stopped. No responsibility can be taken for mistakes in the setup of client software and equipment. We will also not be responsible for any loss of data or information as a result scanning or cleaning your Email.

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